Promotional Loan: 6 tips on how to manage the bank conversation

Promotional banks such as Intrasavings provide low-interest loans to promote and support entrepreneurs. With the Intrasavings loan, however, the house bank applies for the loan. How to apply for a Intrasavings loan Entrepreneurs wishing to take out a Intrasavings loan can apply for this from their bank. The house bank checks the application and forwards […]

Borrowing low income | Borrow money without work

Borrow with a low income? If you have a low income then you cannot borrow money everywhere. Partly due to the strict rules regarding borrowing money, it is often not possible everywhere if you have a low income. And if you can borrow money with a low income then you can usually borrow less money […]

Do you have a competitor for a home loan?

Home loans are well known and there are no Hungarian people who have not heard of them, contrary to the concept of home leasing, which not everyone is aware of. The access to the two homes is very similar to each other, and the differences will be discussed in more detail here, is the home […]

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